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curated online marketplace of the world’s finest juicing products and supplies

From hand-held blenders to restaurant-grade professional juicers, iJuiceHealth highlights the most dependable and best-performing equipment for anyone looking to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. We also feature a wide range of all-natural supplements, antioxidant-infused waters, and ready-made juices and smoothies.

We began iJuiceHealth as a blog where we shared the benefits of healthy juices with families like ours who had struggled to find ways to add more fruits and vegetables to their children’s diets. We soon began to feature reviews of the equipment and supplies that we found most helpful, and eventually opened an online store devoted exclusively to the very best items available.

"Wellness is Prosperity"

‒ Victoria Raji

Meaning: We accomplish more in life when we are in good health conditions.
Wellness is Prosperity, as our motto goes, and we relish every opportunity to help people live healthier, more accomplished lives.

Victoria Raji is a healthcare information management professional who doubles as an ambassador of proven health research in her spare time. Through her blog, iJuiceHealth, Victoria shares her love of healthy living.

When she is not testing new recipes, equipment, and methods in the kitchen, Victoria is a SQL Server database administrator with extensive experience in healthcare informatics, database management, and business intelligence. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.


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At iJuiceHealth you can find curated products that make healthy lifestyle and juicing fun!

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